Best Damn French Fries

Background: Hand cut fries are underrated and underappreciated. There is nothing better with a delicious sandwich and there is nothing more disappointing than a sandwich with frozen fries from a bag. Hand cut fries are easy enough to make that no restaurant should be opting for frozen ones. They do take a little more time and work but it is definitely worth it in my opinion.


Water – one bowl of tap water will do just fine

Russert Potatoes – leave the skin on or off, your preference

Salt – this is to season fries, pepper is optional

Step One Take the skin off the potatoes if you desire, I prefer to leave them on for different texture

Step Two – Cut potatoes into desired shape and size. They can be as thick or as thin as you’d like. I prefer somewhere right in the middle, around ¼ inch thick.


Step Three – Soak the cut potatoes in water for at least an hour or two. Typically, I will cut the fries and soak them sometime between breakfast and lunch but then won’t cook them until dinner. Soaking them allows you to pull some of the excess starch out of them to allow for quick and more even crispness.


Step Four – The First Fry: Heat your oil to 300 degrees F and cook the fries for 5-6 they will cook through but you do not want them to begin browning at this stage.

After the first fry
After the first fry

Step Five – The Second Fry: Now crank your oil to 400 F and cook the fries, for a second time, to crisp the exterior. How long you leave them in is up to you and how crispy you want them.

Step Six – Remove from oil and place them in a heat resistant bowl with a paper towel in the bottom to grab the excess grease. Toss with salt immediately, serve & enjoy!



Dips: Sometimes I just like ketchup, other times, I will make a garlic or Sriracha aioli. The sky is the limit with dipping sauces.

PS – Thanks for your patience while I severely slacked with my posts. I promise they will be much more frequent. My wife and I had our first child, a girl, Julia. She was born January 25th 2016 and decided coming out 11 weeks early and weighing less than 2 ½ pounds would be a great way to enter the world. She is finally home from the NICU, and both baby and mom and doing great. Cheers!


Please feel free to comment and ask questions if needed. Cooking is something that I am very passionate about, so please come back for more recipes and share this blog with family and friends if you enjoy it.

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