Thanks so much for visiting my blog. My name is Dave, and plain and simple I love to cook. I don’t pigeon hole myself into one style over cooking over another. I love to grill, smoke, bake, fry and everything in between. I have no formal culinary training besides working in a local pizzeria in high school and college. You won’t find anything all that complicated in here, real recipes with real food for real people…no cooking experience necessary.

me and dave at ride

I have lived my entire life in the beautiful city of Buffalo, NY (with the exception of college in Rochester, NY and one semester in London, England). Buffalo is opening new restaurants every day so there are plenty of places to get ideas for new dishes. I recently purchased a house with my wife of two years (who is also my sous chef, dishwasher and sometimes my photographer), and our two cats. Other than cooking you will find us hanging out in the backyard playing lawn games, enjoying a cigar and beer with friends and supporting the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres.


Starting a cooking blog has been on my to-do list for a long time, and finally today, on my second wedding anniversary it has come to fruition. If you love cooking and enjoy this blog, please help it grow by sharing with your friends and family and coming back often.

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